Coaching & Mentoring

“Lógica de Juego” is the method of how to conceive life and situations as a game. This game, like all, has a logic, that as soon as you discover it, you have in your hands the tools that will allow you to be conscious in order to play better and achieve the goals.
We help leaders, executives, athletes, work and sports teams:
  • Processes of awareness, change and transformation.
  • Understand the logic behind emotions.
  • Create results in a conscious way.
  • Resignify the perception of reality.
  • Empower teams and organizations.
  • In its evolution and awakening.
“Lógica de Juego” basic principles:
  • Logic
  • Uniqueness
  • Self-reference
  • Perception errors
  • X axis and Y axis (Present)
  • Coherence
Coaching, “Lógica de Juego”, emotions, mentoring, passion, purpose, change, transformation and expansion.
“Nothing matters if you are not in the present.”